United Kingdom

With a visit to the UK you have a mixture of cultures, accents and food.


London the capital of England with its iconic landscape stretched along the river Thames where rich historical landmarks are met with modern architecture good enough to grace any city in the world.

Other key cities in the UK are Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool and Birmingham, all with their own history and cultures that makes the UK so special. 



With the UK being an island you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to rugged landscapes, intimate coves and beaches, from Cornwall, Devon, Norfolk, Wales and of course Scotland. Take a trip to the Scottish highlands and islands and take in the culture and food available to you




The Weather in the UK is similar to the rest of Northern Europe but varies from one country to another. In the main Summers average around the mid 20’s degrees Celsius with winters down to an average of around 6 degrees with snow on the mountains all over the UK making winter a good time to Ski in resorts such as Aviemore.